Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fungoes 5, Nads 2

Fungoes played 7 home games vs the Nads today.  Here are the results:

4/19  Fungoes win 6-1.  CJ Wilson takes the loss while Lance McCullers takes the win.
4/20  Nads win 4-2.  Mike Fiers gets the win with Hector Rondon collecting the save.  Matt Harvey takes the loss.
4/21  Fungoes win 5-1.  Kyle Gibson picks up the save while R A Dickey takes the complete game loss.
7/11  Fungoes win this one 2-1.  David Price improves to 14-9 for the Fungi.  C J Wilson takes the loss.  Carter Capps picks up his 10th save.
7/12 Nads break up the Fungo party by scoring 7 runs in the last 4 innings to win it 7-4.  Mike Fiers gets the win while Hector Rondon picks up the save.  David Robertson earns the loss in relief.
7/13  Fungoes score 2 in the ninth and walk off a win on a Ryan Zimmerman +hit with the infield in scoring Odor who had tripled in the tying run.  David Robertson collects the win in relief for the Fungi while Hector Rondon blows his wad and a save opportunity and takes the loss!
7/14  Fungoes out hit the Nads 13-5 and win the game 4-2.  Kevin Jepsen takes the loss for the Nads while Kershaw improves to 17-5 for the Fungoes.  Carter Capps gets save number 11.

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