Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rhinos 6, Wahoos 4

Rhinos win 6 of 10

Game 1
at Wahoos
Rhinos set the tone and win, 4-1
Game 2
at Wahoos
Arrieta pitches great and Wahoos win, 6-1
Game 3
at Wahoos
Norris walks off with a homer, 5-4
Game 4
at Wahoos
Arrieta spins a seven-hit shutout, 3-0
Game 5
at Wahoos
All Rhinos all the time, 10-1
Game 6
at Rhinos
Eickoff allows only one unearned run and Wahoos win, 4-1
Game 7
at Rhinos
Rhinos score early and Wahoos don't score at all, 4-0
Game 8
at Rhinos
Betances sucks, Rhinos hang on to win 5-4
Game 9
at Rhinos
Rhinos score early, middle and late, 8-1
Game 10
at Rhinos
Rhinos blow a lead and then rally off Betances and company and win, 9-8

Wahoos hit .204 for the series and Rhinos hit .282

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