Monday, October 17, 2016

Zaps 3, Nads 2

ZAPS go 3-2 at NADS. Tristan must have pissed off HAL – as his team hit into 10 double plays and made 10 errors in 5 games
and that allowed the miserable NADS to win 2.

May 19th –Five errors by the visiting team opened the door as Anthony Gose had 2 base hits and 2 RBI as the NADS defeated 
the VIVAZAPASTAS by the score of 8 to 2 at The Ball Sack. TRISTAN found themselves trailing quickly as the DAVE bats 
came through in the first inning plating 2 runs on 2 hits.
May 20th -Travis D'Arnaud had 4 hits and 3 RBI as the VIVAZAPASTAS outscored the NADS 6 to 3. Ken Giles(2-0) was the 
winner allowing no runs in 3 and 1/3 innings. Kevin Jepsen(2-6) was the losing pitcher in relief.
August 12th – Zaps made four errors and hit into three double plays while the NADS stole five bases and had 21 hits. 
Final score – NADS 13 Zaps 3
August 13th – Zaps win 12-7   12 runs – 18 hits – 3 errors  NADS 7 runs – 10 hits – 0 errors Manny Machado added four ribbies
 to his seasonal total with one swing of the Bat with a Grand Slam in the 8th. NADS scored 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth but fell short
August 14th - Asdrubal Cabrera connected with a 'big fly' and had 6 RBI and Max Scherzer had a complete game as the VIVAZAPASTAS 
beat the NADS by the count of 10 to 5.

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