Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sidewinders 12, Tweeners 2

Finished up our season last Friday/Saturday morning in Russellville. Snakes got hot and went 6-1 at HooverDome and 6-1 at home in the ChurchLot.

Tweeners won 7/12 by score of 6-1 and 5/30 game one of DH 4-3

SSWs won the other games 7-5, 12-5,6-0,13-6,8-4,3-1,5-1,5-3,7-3,6-2,3-1 and 5-3.

Earlier in the year we went 1-9 vs Warpigs. Never remember having two such streaks in one season.

Now that he is retired, we need to hire the MavMan as Director of Media Relations and Marketing so he can write up our game stories and develop business relationships and sponsorships.  He has developed into the Hunter S. Thompson of baseball reporting.


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Pigman said...

Same here. The Pigs went 9-1 against the Snakes and 3-11 against the Wahoos (including losing the first 9) - and all 24 of those games were cards and dice. Even in the 10 TeamViewer games with the Fungoes, we won the first 3, then lost 7 straight. Odd season.