Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fungoes 5, Inmates 2

Fungoes and Inmates finished up their season series today and also completed 
their respective 2016 regular season.  Here are the results:

July 8 at Inmates:
Fungoes break out to a 5-0 lead and hold on to win 5-4.  Kyle Gibson picks up 
the win improving to 12-9 for the Fungoes.  Carter Capps goes 2 innings claiming 
his 22 save.  Matt Carpenter smashed a solo blast in the first and a 2 run double
in the fifth inning.

July 9 at Inmates:
Fungoes score early and often winning it 8-3.  Matt Harvey improves to 11-7.  Sal
Perez blasted 2 home runs while Freddie Galvis collected 3 hits.

July 10 at Inmates:
Inmates blast Clayton Kershaw for 5 early runs and hold on to win it 6-3.  

September 9 at Fungoes:
Fungoes win this one 7-3 and Kyle Gibson picks up win number 13.  Will Harris 
collects save number 22.  Eric Hosmer collected 4 hits and scored 2 runs for
the Fungoes.

September 10 at Fungoes:
David Price finishes up his season with 7 shutout innings as the Fungoes win it
7-0.  Sal Perez and Eric Hosmer both homer for the Fungoes.

September 11 at Fungoes double header game 1:
Clayton Kershaw collects win number 24.  Shawn Kelley picks up his first 
save of the season in game #161.  Mookie Betts bangs out 3 hits while Trout
doubles, triples and scores 2 runs.

September 12 at Fungoes double header game 2:
Matt Harvey throws batting practice for the Inmates as they earn a split.  

Fungoes finish up with a 101-61 record!


Cards and dice:

Fungoes 5 – Inmates 4 (Baptist Bowl): Pineda gives it up like a 50 cent floozy, the Inmates can’t catch up, and the Fungus win.

Fungoes 8 – Inmates 3 (Baptist Bowl): Salazar pitches like shit, the Inmates hit three solo homers and commit three errors, and Fungus runs rampant in the Beakless Chicken’s abode.

Inmates 6 – Fungoes 3 (Baptist Bowl): The Inmates close out their 2016 home schedule by kicking Kershaw’s ass for four runs in the 1st, but the Fungoes still have a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

Fungoes 7 – Inmates 4 (WTF): Salazar pitches like shit, Chapter 2, and the Inmates lose. Again.

Fungoes 7 – LDMF 0 (WTF): The Little Leaguers from Central Texas show up and get an old-fashioned ass-wuppin’ as the Fungoes celebrate their team’s 100th victory. BFD. . .

Fungoes 6 – Inmates 4 (WTF): At least this looks a little better on paper, but the Inmates still lose.

Inmates 8 – Fungoes 1 (WTF): Finally the Inmates click on all cylinders, but who the fuck cares? The season is over and the Inmates get the 10th pick of the draft.

Of interest (?) – The Inmates out-tatered the Fungoes 13-7 in the series, out-stole the Fungoes 2-1, and got outscored by the Fungoes 37-30. Hmm. Cargo finished the year with 48 homers and 84 RBI. Hmm.


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MavMan said...

Ten of those 48 homers came in the ten games against the Mavs. At least ARod was able to reverse engineer the steroids that CarGo was taking.