Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sidewinders 9, Killer Bees 5

Bees drive up from Music City to Basketball City for some brotherly love.Oh, and he forgot his CPAP.

4/15 Sale and Chapman combiune for a  1 hit shutout. Snakes win 3-0

4/16 Snakes win pitching duel 2-1. Cueto beats Alex Wood

4/17 Trumbo breaks up shutout with a HR in the 9th. Lester over Teheran. Grandal,Belt,Ortiz and Grandal homer for the good guys. Snakes win 8-1

4/18 Bees swarm Volquez and win 7-2. Schwarber and J Peralta homer.

5/27 Bees beat Volquez again. 4-1, Wood wins and Geltz with the save

5/28 Hector Santiago hasa no hitter and a one hitter this year. He loses the no hitter with one out in the 9th when Polanco doubles. Rollins singles him home. Snakes win 6-1.Grandal 2 run HR.

5/29  Snakes win 5-0. Sale and Chris Young(KC) with the 2hit shutout over Jose Fernandez.

Anyone know the weight limit on the front end of a 2005 4 cylinder Camry with 160K miles on it? I am pretty sure we surpassed it on our way to Malones for dinner. Ribeye for Bees salmon for snakes. Stop at liquor store and we resume our games tomorrow morning............

7/8  Aex Wood beats Volquez 4-2. Solarte and DeAza homer for the Bees.

7/9 Snakes win late 7-5. Kimbrel winner,save Miller.

7/10 Sale beats Weaver 6-4. Davis with the save. In the 7th, the Beesload the bases off Chapman. Freeman misses the 1-15 grand slam.  Fucking Computer........

9/9  Solarte has a walk off rbi single off Miller. Beeswin 3-2 in 10 innings. Time for the 80 mile trip to Cincinnati to watch the Redsplay out the string and life time Sidewinder Jon Lester try for his 20th win.

To be continued......

The BeeMobile seems to handle the weight better as we cruise to the Queen City. Lunch at the Moerlein BrewHouse and Cubs/Reds. I have not seen so many Cubs fans outside of Wrigley.  The reds start a player they claimed on waivers the week before. Reds  beat Lester.

finishing up the season series.

9/10 SSWs win 15-4

9/11 DH 1  Teheran beats Lester 8-4. Art imitates life.

9/11 DH 2 Fernandez beats Volquez 3-1. Fucking computer.

Blueberry pancakes in the morning and the Bees depart for home. 138 gamesfor the snakes -demerit and tie with the Tweeners.

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