Monday, October 03, 2016

Demerit Update

Only the Sidewinders came up short this month - and only by 2 games. The current demerit situation:

Bees 5
Wahoos 2
Rhinos 2
Warpigs 1
Tweeners 1
Sidewinders 1

All 162 games need to be completed by the end of October. The actual deadline is Sunday, November 6th. However, the sooner we can wrap this season up, the sooner the playoff teams can start making arrangements.

There are already 5 teams with 90 wins, and there could be as many as 9 before it's all said and done. At the moment, nobody has a playoff spot guaranteed. So make plans to get those games played - especially if you have games to play against a CM.

Final stats are due the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Oh, and just a heads-up, at this time next year, our regular season will already be over - same final day as MLB. But then again, we will be drafting in March.

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