Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Mavs 2, Tweeners 2

With the Tweeners out spending time at the hospital with the future Wildcat cheerleader and breaker of bluegrass boys’ hearts, the Mavs are playing the last four vs. CM.  League thoughts are prayers are with the Tweeners while we try to whip up on them.  Life is full of conflicting objectives.

7/30:  Sonny Gray vs. Cookie Carrasco.  It is ARod PED Detection Prevention Night here at the Rastadome.  Masking kits will be provided for all high school athletes.  We can play some football here in Texas.  The Tweeners score in the top of the first on an Arenado gbC.  Then they score in the third via a single off of a catcher X, a stolen base, a grounder and an infield hit.  The Mavs have shaver nicks all over their face and are bleeding to death.   Not content with nicking us to death Jonathan Schoop tags a tater in the fourth.  3-0 Tweeners and the Mav fans are doing body shots in left field with Bernice Brewer.  In the eighth Carlos Correa made his 29th error and Kendrick added one as well and once all the runs were all unearned, Carlos Martinez gave up a double and homer.  The Tweeners win 10-1.  Sonny Gray and Carson Smith combine on a two hitter.  Nolan Arenado drives in four times as many runs as the Mavs score to win the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.

7/31:  Shelby Miller against, gasp, Jason Hammel.  Hammel enters the game having given up 30 homers in 134 innings.  Nolan Arenado is smiling fiendishly at Hammel.  The first two Tweener batters go yard (Colabello and Springer).  Make that 32 homers in 135 innings.  In the top of the second Steven Vogt triples (yes Steven Vogt) and scores on a grounder.  Gee this hobby is fun.  In the fourth Nelson Cruz triples (yes Nelson Cruz).  If only I could get into more leagues so I could spend even more time doing this.  But then just as I’m reaching for EQA Harper homers and we pull within one.  Lucroy drives in the tying run with an infield hit and we kiss our framed picture of Hal Richman.  And then just when we’re feeling good again Harper drops a fly with runners on second and third.  The Tweeners win 7-5.  George Springer goes 1-3 but scores 3 runs to win the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.

8/30:  Gallardo vs. Gray.  Yovanni enters the game with a 15-3 record and a 2.81 ERA and still the Mavs are overwhelming underdogs because we can’t touch Sonny Gray.  True to form the Tweeners triple (Ethier) and score a run in the bottom of the sixth.  The Mavs tie it on a Lucroy homer in the top of the seventh.  Harper adds a ballpark homer and the Mavs lead 2-1 after the seventh inning stretch.  Gallardo shuts down the Tweeners in the bottom of the seventh and the Mavs use six pitchers to get six outs as the Tweeners had three runners on in the last two innings.  Mavs win 2-1.  Harper’s game winning tater is the Betty’s Brothel Blow of the Game.

9/1:  Carrasco against Miller.  Through the first three innings the two teams have combined for 13 strikeouts and 1 hit.  The Mavs finally push across a run in the fifth on a walk and a pair of singles. The Tweeners tie in the bottom of the sixth with an Ethier double and Springer single chasing Cookie.  In the top of the eighth Russell walks, Heyward singles and steals second.  Up comes Lucroy.  The Tweeners infield and Dalier Hinojosa both come in.  1-7 + hit for Lucroy.  Wong walks.  After an Upton out, Harper walks.  Brad Miller walks.  Wait we’re out of bases, that is a run.  Davis rolls an Arenado X but the split must have been a one because all he could get was a force.  Another run.  5-1 Mavs after the seventh inning stretch and the playing of My Old Kentucky Home.    Arenado homers off of Alex Wilson but the Mavs get it back on a Valencia single.  Mavs win 6-2.  Lucroy goes 3-4 with 3 RBI’s to win the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Player of the Game.

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