Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Inmates 7, Goofs 3

All games via TeamViewer:

Inmates 9 – Goofs 8 (18 innings, Baptist Bowl): Both teams do their best to rest the bullpens, so only 18 innings were played. Both teams tatered four times, but Rizzo (1e9) committed three errors in a stellar display of fielding ineptitude. He also homered twice, including the game-winner, for a game that could best be described as “it was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”

Inmates 7 – Goofs 2 (Baptist Bowl): Pineda tossed a CG for the Inmates to offset the exhausted bullpen; Rosario was a single(!) short of a cycle, and Cespedes followed his 0-9 performance in game one by being benched. Nothing close about this game.

Goofs 3 – Valbuena 1 (Baptist Bowl): Great Goof pitching by Tanakakakaka and Storen held the LDMF at bay. Valbuena  homered in the Inmate 7th to prevent the SHO.

Valbuena 2 – Goofs 1 (10 innings, Magical Kingdom): Phil Hughes pitched a complete game, allowing only two runs, but suffered the loss because both runs were solo homers by “Babe” Valbuena, while the Goofs couldn’t muster more than a single tally. All of the runs for the Inmates for the last two games came from solo cranks by Valbuena.

Goofs 3 – Valbuena 2 (Magical Kingdom): While the LDMF did manage to score twice, Valbuena hit still another solo jack. Alas and alack! It was not enough to counter the great pitching of DeGrom and Street as the Goofs pulled out another win.

Inmates 6 – Goofs 1 (Baptist Bowl): Valbuena hit yet another homer and the Inmates scored five in the 6th in support of excellent pitching by Quintana. The Goofs avoided the shutout in the 9th when Kang drove in a run with a cheesy-assed ground out.

Inmates 3 – Goofs 2 (Baptist Bowl): In a game that featured a grand total of eight hits, a Cargo HR in the 8thproved to be enough for the Good Guys to pull out the win. DeGrom pitched well in the loss. Valbuena went 0-1, walking twice.

Inmates 9 – Goofs 1 (Magical Kingdom): Charlton Heston took one for the team, pitching all nine for the Goofs. He also allowed nine runs and eleven hits. Pineda countered with his own slightly more successful CG win. Kang’s tater was the only Goof run of the day.

Inmates 1 – Goofs 0 (12 innings, Magical Kingdom): An epic all-staff scoreless pitching duel ended after 12 innings. Reminiscent of the Gabby Hartnett “Homer in the gloamin’,” Lawrie hit a “single in the shit” to score Rizzo with the winning run off of loser Roark, who pitched 6 2/3 innings of relief.

Goofs 1 – Inmates 0 (Magical Kingdom): Not to be outdone, the Goofs return the favor and shut out the LDMF behind Hughes’s four-hitter and Ah Choo’s suckrifice fly.


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