Sunday, August 07, 2016

Deadlines and Demerits

The rule that passed at the draft states that the games played deadlines are:

This year only:
April/May games (due by June 5) - 40 games
June games (due by July 3) - 65 games
July games (due by August 7) - 90 games
August games (due by September 4) - 115 games
September games (due by October 2) - 140 games
October games (due by November 6) - 162 games

Beginning in 2017:
March games (due 1st Sunday in April) - 20 games
April games (due 1st Sunday in May) - 40 games
May games (due 1st Sunday in June) - 65 games
June games (due 1st Sunday in July) - 90 games
July games (due 1st in Sunday in August) - 115 games
August games (due 1st Sunday in September) - 140 games
September games (due 1st Sunday in October) - 162 games

Making games due on the 1st Sunday of the following month gives you a grace period. You get 1 demerit for failing to meet the deadline by 1-20 games, 2 demerits for falling short by 21-50 games, or 3 demerits by being more than 50 games behind.

For 2016, the teams getting demerits at the 40-game mark were the Warpigs, the Wahoos, and the Rhinos. Getting demerits at the 65-game mark were The Wahoos and Bees. The only team getting demerits at the 90-game mark is the Bees, who will get 2.

Total demerits for the year so far:
Bees 3
Wahoos 2
Rhinos 1
Warpigs 1

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