Thursday, June 09, 2016

Sidewinders 5, GoofEyes 2

SuperGoofs @Sidewinders; ssws 5-2

4/22  Goofs win 5-0.Tanaka for 7  and Uehara for 2. Volquez loses. Duda homers and AJ Pierzynski homers twice.

4/23 Santiago spins a 4-0 SHO vs DeGrom

4/24 Sale beats Heston 7-3. Ortiz and Tex homer

4/25 Sankes win 4-3. Cueto is the winner, Benoit the loser. Andrew Miller gets the save. Brantley starts to heat up with a homer. Kang homers for the SuperlativeGoofBallz.( Who had a team getting Kang AND Matt Duffy in their mock drafts. Very belated "good PICKs" from the peanut gallery.)

7/15 Heston beats Cueto. Again I did not write down the score on my reporting pad. That's  one reason I do not have my BBWofA card. Save goes to snake hating Uehara

7/16 Lester beats DeGrom with 3 hit shutout. (See above disclaimer)

7/17 Snakes beat Goofs  8-3 Brantley,Papi and DPeralta leave the churchyard.

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