Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rhinos 6, Warpigs 4

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@ The Rhino Reserve

Game 1 - Rhinos win 1-0. Gerritt Cole is good. Ryan Braun homered. Whatever.

Game 2 - Warpigs win 8-3. Jaime Garcia (6-1) got the win. A.J. Pollock homered for the good guys.

@ The BallPork

Game 3 - Warpigs win 3-2 in 14 innings. Francisco Cervelli hit a bases loaded single in the 14th for the win. The PigPen went 7.1 innings allowing only 1 hit.

Game 4 - Warpigs win 5-2. Tyler Duffey (3-1) shut down the Rhino bats for 7.1 innings. Jake Lamb homered off of his old team.

Game 5 - Rhinos win 4-2. Matt Wisler... for some reason, we couldn't find all those hits and walks on his card. Oh, and D.J. Lemahieu pisses me off.

@ The Rhino Reserve

Game 6 - Warpigs win 9-3. The Pigs temporarily solved Gerritt Cole. Michael Wacha (4-0) pitched well in the last game before the Pig bat boys bagged up the bats for the night. A 4-2 series lead was about to become a 4-6 series loss.

Game 7 - Rhinos win 5-4. Ryan Braun hit a homer and two triples. I hate Ryan Braun. I would suggest he pee in a cup again, but I'd kinda like him to hit just as well when he faces the Wahoos and DVs.

Game 8 - Rhinos win 3-1. Who the hell is Cody Anderson?

@ The BallPork

Game 9 - Rhinos win 4-0. Those bats we bagged up early never made the trip back to Hooterville. Gerritt Cole tossed a 1-hitter. And explain to me why we had to face Cole FOUR TIMES! A complaint will be sent to our league commissioner.

Game 10 - Rhinos win 5-2. Explain to me why we had to face Noah Syndergaard FOUR TIMES!

We saw Cole and Thor 8 times in a 10 game series (not that we could hit the other 2 starters we saw). The only silver lining to facing them was the stolen base numbers got padded. The Pigs stole 27 bases in the series - probably half of them after not getting the lead.

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