Friday, June 24, 2016

Inmates 5, Nads 2

Inmates 5 – Nads 2. All games at the Baptist Bowl via CM.

INMATES 5 – NADS 4: Cargo hit two of the four Inmate taters to lead the Beakless Chicken Gang. Tillman pitched a CG to take one for the team for the Wrinkled Pink.

INMATES 5 – NADS 4: The Nads scored everything in the 4th inning off of T. Ross but couldn’t hang on. Suarez hit a two-run spud in the 7th to give the Inmates the lead and chase Wilson. Both teams managed only six hits.

INMATES 4 – NADS 2: Both teams tallied only five hits each, but the Inmates out-homered the Nads 2-1. Fiers pitched well but not as well as Salazar. The Inmates sweep the first series.

NADS 1 – LDMF 0: The return of the LDMF coincided with the expanded rosters of late September. Tillman and Rondon combined on a three-hitter. T. Ross pitched well, K’ing 10 in six innings, but took the loss.

NADS 5 – LDMF 1: The LDMF increased their hit total to four and scored an unearned run but the Nads dominated. Frazier hit two HRS.

INMATES 9 – NADS 8: Calhoun hit three homers and drove in six runs, but a JD Martinez solo tater ended the game in walk-off fashion with one out in the bottom of the 9th. The big hit for the Inmates was actually Suarez’s pinch three-run homer in the 8th inning that tied the game.

INMATES 2 – NADS 1: Three solo homers were all of the scoring in this one – Dozier for the Nads, Martinez and Castro for the Inmates. Otherwise, great pitching and ineffective hitting as the Inmates and Nads close out their season series.


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