Thursday, June 09, 2016

Inmates 9, Buckeyes 1

INMATES 9 – BUCKEYES 1 (All games via CM and HAL)

Inmates 2 – Buckeyes 0 (Baptist Bowl): Opening Day for the 2016 NASOMA season started off with a Tyson Ross no-hitter against the Shriveled Testicle Gang! The only chance for a hit was a Jorge Soler 3-3 BP single chance leading off the 3rd (a “7” was rolled). There wasn’t even an “X” roll, as Ross whiffed ten. Justin Bour was hit by pitch leading off the 8th inning to ruin the perfecto, but Scooter Gennett hit into an inning-ending DP with one out to keep Ross from facing more than the minimum number of batters. Not much offense was generated by the Inmates, but a sac fly by Martinez in the 4th was enough for the win.

And the day wasn’t going to get any better for the Buckeyes. . .

Inmates 13 – Buckeyes 1 (Baptist Bowl): The good news: The Buckeyes scored their first run of the year in the 6th on a homer by Gattis to make the game close at 2-1. The bad news: The Inmates scored nine in the bottom of the inning to slam the door. Cargo, Martinez, and Jones all hit taters for the Inmates as the series HR barrage began.

Inmates 5 – Buckeyes 2 (Baptist Bowl): Cargo and Castro homered and, despite the score, the game was never really close. Nelson pitched a CG loss for the B’s, while Carter tatered in a losing cause.

Inmates 5 – Buckeyes 2 (Buckeye Dome): Altuve, Suarez and Lawrie all homered for the Inmates; Corbin saved the Buckeye bullpen by going the distance.

Inmates 5 – Buckeyes 2 (Buckeye Dome): The third straight 5-2 affair had the same result, this time with Cargo, Cespedes and Segura (!) homering. For the first time in the series, however, the Buckeyes held a lead after scoring both of their runs in the 1st. Alas, imminent success was too much for the Tree Nuts as they proved incapable of avoiding another ignominious defeat.

Inmates 12 – Buckeyes 4 (Baptist Bowl): 43 stalwart Inmate fans braved the 72-degree sunshine to see if Ross could turn in back-to-back no-nos. He couldn’t. The Buckeyes scored in the 1st before any were out, but left Hardy stranded on 3rd after his triple scored Coghlan. By the time the Inmates scored four runs in each of the 2nd and 3rd innings most of the crowd and the Buckeye bench had made their exit from the Baptist Bowl.

Buckeyes 4 – Inmates 3 (10 innings, Baptist Bowl): Buckeyes win! Buckeyes win! Both shortstops had a hand in determining this one. Segura hit a two-run homer in the Inmate 8th to tie the game at 3, propelling the game into extra innings. Hardy homered for the Buckeyes in the 10th to seal the win. Ryan Madson was outrighted to the Inmate’s class B Little League team in Frog Balls, Arkansas, after the game for his clutch pitching performance in the loss.

Inmates 10 – Buckeyes 8 (Buckeye Dome): The wind was howling out as nine homers were hit in this game, including six by the Inmates. Buckeye management agreed after the game to consider moving the fences back to 215 in the power alleys and 270 in dead center. Details at 11:00.

Inmates 7 – Buckeyes 0 (Buckeye Dome): Ross was back in top form, allowing only three hits for his second shutout of the series. Cargo, Cespedes and Jones imitated Babe Ruth for the Inmates.

Inmates 11 – Buckeyes 2 (Buckeye Dome): Inmates enjoy a rare season blow-out of the Buckeyes, quite aware that as soon as Buckeye management gets a few more players the trend will undoubtedly be reversed.


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MavMan said...

Congrats on the no-hitter. Been in the league longer than many pop stars have been alive and I still haven't thrown one. And this year's staff won't throw one either. We're a bit more of a beer league softball team.