Thursday, June 02, 2016

Fungoes 4, Inmates 3

Inmates visited WTF today for some cards and dice.  Here are the results:

April 15 @ Baptist Bowl
Fungoes break out to a 3-0 lead only to fall behind 4-3.  Fungoes score 2 in the 6th to complete the scoring winning it 5-4.  Kyle Gibson picks up his 5th win while Carter Capps gets his 4th save.  The two teams combine for 7 homers on the day.  Matt Carpenter hits a pair of 2-run homeruns for the visiting Fungoes.
                Actually, the game was 6-5. The Inmates scored all of their runs on homers, including a pair by Cargo. Pineda practiced self-immolation in a totally ineffective start, allowing 8 hits, 4 walks, and 3 taters in 3+ IP. Believe it or not, the Fungi only scored four for all of their troubles. After the Beakless Chicken Gang surged to a 5-4 lead on the strength of Cargo’s second blast, Tolleson came in to allow a two-run spud to some nameless bastard to blow the game. Fungoe pen allowed only one hit in the last four innings to nail things down.

April 16 @ Baptist Bowl
Fungoes jet out to a 6-1 lead.  Inmates score 3 in the 6th and 4 in the 8th to come back and take an 8-6 lead.  Fungoes score 2 in the 9th to force extra innings but the Inmates walk it off with a lead off HR off of Daniel Robertson in the 10th!  Carter Capps gave up a Ball Park HR on a roll of 6-2 in the big 8th inning Inmate uprising!  Where oh where is Sergio Santos!!!!
                Summer-league softball at its best as the beer-swilling crew from Fungoeland tattooed Salazar with a 5-run 5th to take a large lead. The Feathered Lumbering Oafs warmed up their homer bats, however, taking an 8-6 lead into the 9th. The Incendiary Crew’s Manship came in for the save and promptly allowed the Drunken Mushrooms to tie the game and send it to extra innings. Martinez put everyone out of their misery with a walk-off homer leading off the last of the 10th. Four Inmates homered, including Valbuena twice.

April 17 @ Baptist Bowl
Kershaw throws 7 and leaves with the game tied 2-2.  Another extra innings game is decided in the 10th this time the Fungoes win it with a 2-spot!  Daniel Murphy drilled a 2 out triple to drive in the winning run and then he scored on an E3.  Shawn Kelley picks up the win in relief while Carter Capps gets save number 5 on the season.
                A classic pitcher’s duel between Kershaw and Quintana. Kershaw allowed only four hits through seven, but two were homers (Lawrie/Martinez). The Fungoes scored a pair in the 10th to win it.

April 18 @ Baptist Bowl
Inmates take the early 2-0 lead and then run out to a 7-2 cushion.  David Price takes the loss as the Inmates hold on to win it 7-4.  A bit of a bean ball war took place between the two rivals as 4 Inmates were HBP while 2 Fungoes got plunked including Rougned Odor!  
                Odd thing about the bean ball war: Altuve and Rizzo were both hit twice, and THEN Cespedes and Ramos tatered. Hmmm…
                Tolleson allowed another blast in relief, but Inmates held on anyway for the win.

May 27 @ WTF
The trend continues of win 1 lose 1 as the Fungoes win this one 7-0.  Kyle Gibson throws the complete game shutout for the Fungoes.  
                After hitting two homers off of both Kershaw and Price, and three off of Harvey, the LDMF show up and can’t touch Kyle “Bob” Gibson, managing only a pair of paltry singles. Quintana takes the complete game loss for a completely inept game by the Inmates.

May 28 @ WTF
Inmates win this one big, 10-1.  Kershaw takes the loss allowing 4 hits (3 HRs) in 7 innings.  Kershaw takes the loss falling to 9-3 on the season.
                A completely ept game by the Inmates. Three solo homers (all off of Kershaw) allowed the BCG to enter the 9th with a 3-1 lead when all hell broke loose against the Fungoid bullpen. The Inmates plated seven runs to ice the game, highlighted by Altuve’s second blast (a three-run shot) of the game.

May 29 @ WTF
Fungoes win a close one 2-1.  David Price improves to 8-5.  Carter Capps collects save number 6.  Fungoes first 4 batters reach base  scoring 2 as the Fungoes are held to 1 hit the rest of the way!  Price, Will Harris and Capps make it stand up.  
            The Fungoes scored two in the 1st before Davies was finished with his warm-up tosses to give Price & Co. enough of a lead to hang on. Martinez tatered for all of the Inmate offense.

Fungoes take the 7 game series 4-3.  
                Inmates hit 17 HRs in the seven game matchup but were unable to generate much else. Team batting average was .222 entering the series, and .221 afterwards.

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