Saturday, September 12, 2015


The Warpigs have clinched the #1 seed, but there is a great race for the other all-important 1st round bye.

Here are the standings for the #2 seed:

All three teams have mostly cupcakes remaining favorable schedules to finish out the year.

The Inmates have games remaining with the Mavs (10), the Rhinos (7), the Drillers (5), and the Wahoos (2)

The Zaps have the FFTs (10) and the Killer Bees (5)

The Snakes have the Killer Bees (14) and the Fungoes (3)

As for the 2 wild card spots, the standings look like this:

The Fungoes have games remaining with the Wahoos (10), the Drillers (5), and the Sidewinders (3).

The Goofs have completed their regular season.

The Drillers still have to play the Wahoos (10), the Nads (5), the Rhinos (5), the Fungoes (5), and the Inmates (5). 25 of their remaining 30 games are at Driller Park. If he can win 18 of those, he can tie the Goofs. Win 19, and he's in the post season.

The Nads are only 5 games back of the Goofs for the final spot, but they only have 10 games left and would have to sweep them just to tie. And that's not going to happen. Great season, Nadman. Maybe next year.

The Tweeners are 5.5 back, but with 19 games remaining, they have a chance. Not a great chance, since they would have to go 15-4 just to tie the Goofs, but it's possible. Especially since their remaining games are against the Rhinos (10) and the Bees (9), two teams who really suck with draft position on their minds.

Among the teams with winning records, the Wahoos have the most games remaining, but they would need to go 28-15 to leapfrog the Nads and Tweeners and catch the Goofs for the final spot. They are only 1 game over .500 after 119 games, but stranger things have happened.

Now, we can't overlook two other possible scenarios: The Fungoes could still win the HWD. They are only 4 games in back of the Inmates. But the Inmates have the easier remaining schedule. It's a shame they don't have any remaining face to face games. And over in the AWD, the Snakes haven't clinched the division just yet. He needs to go 7-10 the rest of the way to clinch, but he'll probably get 7 wins in his first 6 games against the pork-sucking Bees.

For those of you wondering about the draft order, the Buckeyes have sewn up the 1st pick. In fact, he nailed that down about 10:00 Saturday morning of Draft Weekend. So the rest of you can forget about getting your shot at drafting ARod. The Killer Bees have been criminally throwing games working hard to earn pick #2, holding the edge over the Rhinos (who have 37 games remaining, but ran out of innings 20 games ago), the FFTs (who haven't played a game in 3 months, but somehow still only have 10 to play), the DVs (who have been trying to throw games, but apparently even suck at sucking), and Mavs (who have already figured out that in next year's draft, pick 6 won't be that much worse than pick 1).

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