Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Race to the Pennant

With the regular season winding down, there are tight races going on in the Herman Wheeler Division, the Ab Wheeler Division, and for the two wild card spots.

In the HWD, the red hot Inmates (18-3 in their last 21 games) have forged ahead of the Fungoes and currently lead them by 4 games. The Inmates' magic number is 23. The Nads have dropped out of the division race, trailing the Inmates by 11.5 games.

Over in the AWD, the Goofs have a 1 game lead over the Sidewinders. The Goofs' magic number is 13 but only have 5 games left to play, meaning the Snakes hold their fortune in their own hands. The Goofs should be a playoff team either way - the only question being, "Will he have his playoff dice ready to go?" The Tweeners are 6.5 games back and will have a lot to say about how this division turns out.

In the MFD, the Zaps hold a commanding 7.5 games lead over the Drillers. The Zap magic number is 21.

The Warpigs have not quite mathematically wrapped up the BUD, but their magic number is 4, so the BUD title is theirs.

As for the wild card, here are the current standings:

If the playoffs started today, the seeds would be:
1 - Pigs
2 - Inmates
3 - Zaps vs 6 - Snakes
4 - Goofs vs 5 - Fungoes

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