Thursday, September 03, 2015

Inmates 6, Nads 1

Inmates continue to pummel buttocks kick ass. All games at the Baptist Bowl via CM.
INMATES 5 – NADS 3: Inmates score a pair in the bottom of the 4th to take the lead for good. Tillman allowed 12 hits in six innings for the loss.
NADS 6 – INMATES 2: A rare re-appearance of the LDMF. Cosart and Rendon allowed only four hits, while Frazier had three RBI. Of no particular significance: the Inmates struck out only once (Altuve).
INMATES 9 – NADS 4: Two games in one. The first lasted two innings and was totally dominated by the Nads, who scored twice in both the 1st and 2nd. The Inmates managed to get runners on in both innings, but hit into inning-ending double-fucking-plays. All hell broke loose in the bottom of the 3rd, however, capped by a three-run tater by Jones. The Nads managed only four hits the rest of the way.
INMATES 3 – NADS 2: A singularly unexciting game with the ultimate winning run scoring in the bottom of the 7th on a passed ball by Montero.
INMATES 10 – NADS 6: Not as close as the final score. The Nads scored three in the 9th off of a tiring Big Pasta Simon to make it look like a real game. Rizzo, Reddick, Martinez, and Rosario all homered for the Beakless Chicken Gang.
INMATES 3 – NADS 2: A Rizzo three-run homer in the 2nd was all the scoring the Inmates got, but it was all they needed. Adams and Crawford both tatered for the Nads, but both were solo shots.
INMATES 7 – NADS 4: The Inmates scored five in the 5th and two more in the 6th to ice the game. The Nads once again delayed scoring until late with a three-spot in the 8th, but by then it was too late.

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