Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Inmates 4, Drillers 1

Via CM at the Baptist Bowl:
INMATES 8 – DRILLERS 0: Five Inmate pitchers hold the Driller bats to four hits. Gattis and Marte homered for the Beakless Chicken Gang. Drillers just sucked.
INMATES 5 – DRILLERS 3: Keuchel pitched reasonably well, giving up only solo taters to Jones and Rosario. He fielded shittily with his own boot allowing an unearned run in the 4th. Rosario hit his second HR of the game in the 8th to push the lead to 5-1; a two-run Driller rally in the 9th (including a tater by Zufuckingnino) made it close, but that was it.
INMATES 6 – DRILLERS 5: Once again the Drillers score two in the 9th to make it look close. HAL had Shields take one for the team, pitching a CG 11-hitter. Rizzo was never fooled going 4-4 with a pair of homers.
INMATES 7 – DRILLERS 0: The humiliation continued with the Drillers getting shutout by Norris (!!!). HAL gives up again, allowing Wheeler to get pummeled for all seven Inmate runs.
DRILLERS 2 – INMATES 1: Drillers avoid the ignominy of a sweep when Jennings hit  a one-out single in the top of the 9th to plate what turned out to be the game-winner. LDMF bats fell silent, with everyone too tired to run the bases after the last game’s batting practice.
Inmates remain relatively hot.

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