Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Inmates 3, Goofs 2

All via CM at the Baptist Bowl:
GOOFS 6 – INMATES 3: The Goofs score three-spots in both the 2nd and 8th innings while the Fucked-Up-Dog pitching staff held the LDMF to not much.
INMATES 7 – GOOFS 2: The Inmates hit five bombs (JDMartinez twice), including back-to-back-to-back shots in the 8th by Martinez, Rizzo, and Jones to blow open an otherwise fairly close game.
INMATES 2 – GOOFS 0: NO-HITTER! NO-HITTER! NO-HITTER! Three Inmate pitchers (Norris [!!!], Ramos, and Neshek) combined to totally shut down the Goofs in the second no-no ever tossed by the Inmate staff. Goof pitchers did well, holding the LDMF to only 5 hits and two runs, but WTF! NO-HITTER!
INMATES 8 – GOOFS 7: Duda hit a pair of HRs for the Goofs, but after Hughes allowed the Inmates to close the gap to 7-5 Street came in and performed an act of self-immolation, allowing a three-run tater to Rizzo to throw the game away.
GOOFS 3 – INMATES 1: A pitchers’ duel with the LDMF collecting only three hits to lose the series finale.


Pigman said...

Congrats on the No-hitter!

Fungoes said...

definitely Congrats! Send the box score to the Pigman and lets see that thing on Big Innings!