Monday, September 01, 2014

The Extra Reserve Contest Update

Including games of *September 1st, the MLB standings look like this:

AL East: Balt +8.5 over NYY
AL Cent: KC +0.5 over Det; +4.5 over Cleve
AL West: LAA +4.5 over Oak

AL Wild Card
A's +4.0
Det  ---
Sea  -1.5
NYY  -4.0
Cleve  -4.0
Tor  -5.5

NL East: Wash +7.0 over Atl
NL Cent: StL +1.0 over Milw; +3.0 over Pgh
NL West: LAD +2.0 over SF

NL Wild Card
SF  +1.5
Milw  ---
Atl  -1.5
Pgh  -2.0
Mia  -5.5
Cin  -7.0
SD  -7.5

If the season ended tonight (it doesn't), this would be the standings in the Extra Reserve Contest (counting only Division winners (6) and Wild Card qualifiers (4)):
5 correct: Pigs, Bees, Tweeners
4 correct: Drillers, Buckeyes, Rhinos, Mavs, FFTs
3 correct: Goofs, Zaps
2 correct: Wahoos, DVs, SSW, Inmates, Fungi

Some tidbits...
  • Nobody had the Brewers as either a division winner or a WC team.
  • Only the Goofs picked the Orioles to win the AL East. The Wahoos and Zaps picked them to be a wild card, but unless they fail miserably, the Orioles will win the East. The Drillers picked the Yankees, who still have a chance. Everyone else picked either the Red Sox or the Rays.
  • The Goofs are also the only team to pick the Royals to win the Central. Almost everybody else (not the Inmates or SSW) picked the Tigers, who obviously are still a good bet.
  • The Baltimore/KC picks would be great for the Goofs, except they also picked the Rangers, Mets, and Diamondbacks to win their divisions, and the Phillies to be a WC. Oops.
  • Everybody picked the Cards in the NL Central except the Goofs and SSW, who both picked the Reds. So nobody picked the Pirates to win the division, but several of us picked the Bucs as a WC.
  • Eight of us have the Pirates, Braves, and Cardinals as a NL WC, and all are close.
And again, besides there being a month left in the season, this also doesn't take into account the rest of the brackets, which involves picking the right teams to advance. And there are a lot of Rangers, Rays, and Red Sox on the list. It's a bad year to pick the R teams, I guess.

* - The LAD/Wash game is not over, but I'm posting and then going to bed.

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