Thursday, September 04, 2014

DVs 3, Inmates 2

All games via netplay at the Baptist Bowl:
Inmates 2 – DVs 1: Great pitching, with the LDMF showing up but winning because the DVs minor league offense, the Dweezil Dicks, had even less hitting acumen than the little league Chicklettes. Chacin still gives up a tater (to Morneau), however, to keep up his reputation as a BP whore.
DVs 7 – LDMF 2: Stults inhales vociferously, and the LDMF can’t solve any part of the DV staff except Clippard (go figure…). The first DV victory of the year against the Inmates.
DVs 2 – LDMF 1: A DV 2-spot in the 8th holds up for the win against the Dickless Motherfuckers. LDMF manage to get runners to 3rd base with no outs twice, but cannot score. In the last of the 9th the LDMF loaded the bases with one out, to manage only one run on a Pinto pinch single (1 fucking *).
DVs 7 – LDMF 1: DVs get six runs off of Salazar in the first three innings, including HRs by Holliday and Stanton, to crush the LDMF. Of interest: the Inmates got 8 hits, one by each starter except for Pierzynski. All are singles except for a Rizzo HR in the 8th that helped avoid the ignominy of being shut out by Alexi Ogando.
Inmates 11 – DVs 2: Stanton’s two solo homers are all the DV offense. The LDMF goes home after the 3rd inning and the Inmates blast the DV staff for 14 hits to salvage a Tweener Tweaker split.

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