Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Mavs 3, Wahoos 2

June 5
Justin Upton homers in the 4th to start the scoring. He homered again in the 6th. In a 4-2 game, Doolittle forced pinch hitter Jordy Mercer to hit a gbA with runners on the corners to end a threat in the 8th. Homer Bailey and 4 relievers hang on for the 4-2 win.
June 6
Ian Desmond, leading off for the first time all year, homers in the bottom of the first. Wahoos score 4 in the innings. With the score 6-1 in the fourth, Henderson Alvarez wiggles off the hook by forcing a gbA with 2 on. Seager hits a grand slam in the bottom of the 5th to make the score 11-2. Wahoos keep scoring. Finish with a 17-2 win. 21 hits and 11 walks in the game. Moises Sierra draws 4 walks in he win.
Aug. 17
With the Mavs riding a 5-1 lead the Wahoos loaded the bases against Jeremy Guthrie in the 6th. Aoki had a .408 chance to get on against Robbie Ross. And missed it. 14 more strikeouts for Verlander. Mavs get it done, 6-1.
Aug. 18
Henderson Alvarez pinch hits in the bottom of the 10th for a suicide squeeze bunt and the victory. Wahoos, 5-4.
Aug. 19
Buchholz and Justin Wilson were WAY too good for us. Wahoos limp on the final game of our Driller/Mavs series tonight. Wahoos lose 5-0.

Kendrys Morales hit 3 homers and was 12 for 21.

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