Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nads 4, Inmates 3

Inmates return the favor and go 3-4 at the Baptist Bowl.
INMATES 4 – NADS 0: Nads get all of 3 hits. Not much else happens.
INMATES 1 – NADS 0 (10 innings): Neither team can hit. Estrada and Salazar lock into a great pitching duel. A two-out Parra 2B in the 10th scored Segura with the winning run.
NADS 4 – INMATES 2: Rizzo and Sanchez tater for the LDMF, but a 3-run Nad 6th seals the game.
NADS 2 – INMATES 1: Another no-score fest. A 2-run AGon HR is all the Nads needed.
INMATES 8 – NADS 6: The offense finally wakes up for both teams, with each hitting three homers. Beltre’s 2-run 8th inning shot was the game-winner.
NADS 9 – INMATES 4: Stults sucks big-time, and Pinto commited a bases-loaded error which cleared the bases. Tillman pitches a CG for the win.
NADS 2 – LDMF 0: Frazier and Montero homered for the Nads, and the LDMF couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse full of nymphomaniac meth-heads. Miley tosses a 7-hitter.

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