Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tweeners 4, Rhinos 1

From the DVRhino...

Tweeners hose up their draft status even further with a 4-1 whipping of the Rhinos.

Game 1 had 44,846 in attendance as John Lannan and Justin Masterson start their arbitration campaign by combining on a 4 hit, 1-0 shutout.

Game 2 was another defensive struggle which saw the Rhino tandem of CC Sabathia and Joey Devine combining on a 4 hitter for a 2-1 win.

Game 3 finally had a bit more offense as the Tweeners unloaded for an 8-3 win with Jonathan Sanchez scattering 6 hits.

Game 4 was another Tweener offensive showing with a 12-4 pounding of Matt Garza. Shane Victorino tweeted to his faithful followers: “This $hit is too easy”

Game 5 saw Roy Oswalt throw a complete game and strike out 13 as the Rhinos lose 7-4 in spite of hitting 3 home runs. 'Everything felt great' Oswalt said. 'I had a good fastball, I felt I could throw it by everybody today.' Tweener manager Al Davis was quoted as saying “We’ll see how great it feels when he’s on the FFT’s roster, I’ve had enough of his winning ways screwing up my draft position.” The FFTs could not be reached for comment, as it was believed he was still in Columbia South Carolina trying to secure tickets for Ole Miss’ upcoming Independence Bowl appearance.

Rhinos finish at 88-74.


Anonymous said...

Roy says it will be nice to have a Mississippi Boy as Manager who can understand his sayings.

Mark Twain said...

What part of "Mightyfine" can he not understand??