Monday, September 07, 2009


Inmates 4, Nads 3

Inmates continue their run to totally fuck up the season and the draft by taking 4 of 7 from the Nads at the Baptist Bowl.

Game 1 – Inmates tie game in 7th only to have Perez throw six pitches – two taters and a walk – to lose the game 7-5.

Game 2 – A see-saw battle. Inmates are ahead after 7, but Mr. Immolation Perez enters the game and allows a double, triple, and homer in one IP to hand the Nads a 9-8 victory.

Game 3 – This time Carlson ignites the Nads (?!?!), allowing a two-run blast in the 8th to allow the Nads to win 5-3.

Game 4 – Vintage Santana throws a 5-hit shutout. The Inmates finally win a game, 1-0.

Game 5 – Another close game, but David Murphy’s 2-run double in the 7th pushed the Beakless Chicken Gang over the top, 10-8.

Game 6 – Inmate pitchers combine on a 4-hitter and win 4-2.

Game 7 – The prophylactic game. Inmates almost waste 5-0 lead, but Lind hits two triples and Francisco saves a 6-5 win.

Inmates are now 56-84.

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