Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Current Rosters and Draft Picks Now Available

On the main page of the NASOMA.org website, there is now a link (2010 Rosters) that will open a page of the current rosters for next year. If your home page still says 2009 Rosters, hit the refresh button.

At the top, by the team name, is a number representing how many Reserve Spots you own. All of your players - active or not - are listed in alphabetical order. At the bottom of the list, there is a list of the draft picks you own. The first cell shows the rounds (1-10) where you still have your own pick - at this point everybody still owns all of his picks from round 11 on. The cell below it lists any additional picks you have obtained.

Just for bookkeeping purposes, I have moved the Inmate 2nd and the Wahoo 3rd from the Tweeners to the FFTs - although those picks could end up being the Tweener 2nd and Buckeye 3rd - based on the most recent trade between the Tweeners and FFTs.

As always, if I have made any mistakes, I'm sure you'll let me know.

If you want me to post the rosters in excel format for you to download, let me know.


Fungoes said...

Awesome job Rick.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a list of free agents yet?

Bee Boy

Pigman said...

of course i do. lol