Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Sidewinders 3, Rhinos 2

The Sidewinders finish their regular season as the champs of the Ab Wheeler Division.

From the Snakeman...
The snkaes go 3-2 at home vs the genuine faux rhinos to finish the season 88-75. This is the 5th consecutive year in the playoffs and we have nothing to show for it.Well at least I can look forward to tamales and beer in the PigSty.....
1. snakes get to A.J early and hold on for victory
2. snakes win a close one 3-2. Pen pitches 5 scorless innings
3. snakes win on a jack wilson safety squeeze in the 13th
4. AJ exacts revenge and rhinos win 7-3. Polanco goes 4-4
5. Sheets pitches 7 strong innings for the victory. Hanley Ramirez hit a 2 run HR off Jimenez.

Stats to arrive soon on papyrus covered with charcoal chicken scratch


Albert Einstein said...

What is 88+75?
163- what, you had a play-in game for a divisional tie that didn't exist?
One demerit to the Snakes.

Anonymous said...

to paraphrase Joe Theisman, "You don't have to be Norman Einstein to know that" I am an idiot. Ask the driller dude,he'll tell ya.....