Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nads 3, Warpigs 2

PIGS go 2-3 @ NADS
Game 1 - 19,453 fans were treated to a fine game at The Ball Sack as only one run separated the combatants at game's end.  The Chicago Nads won by the slimmest of margins, 4 to 3.
Game 2 - In a game for the baseball purist, Marcus Stroman(3-4) and Adam
Wainwright(1-3) squared off in a tense pitching duel, Chicago Nads finally
emerged victorious over Hooterville Warpigs, 2 to 1.

Game 3 - Chris Tillman had a strong outing at The Ball Sack where the streaking Chicago Nads beat the Hooterville Warpigs by the score of 8 to 1.
Game 4 -Adam Wainwright racked up an impressive total of 11 strikeouts and Ender Inciarte had 4 hits and 2 RBI as the Hooterville Warpigs defeated the Chicago Nads by a score of 5 to 4 at The Ball Sack.

Game 5 - Hunter Pence connected with a 'big fly' and had 3 RBI at The Ball Sack where the Hooterville Warpigs beat the Chicago Nads 8 to 5.

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