Sunday, May 28, 2017

Inmates 4, Bees 1

All games at the Baptist Bowl via CM:

Inmates 5 – Killer Bees 4: Espinosa tatered twice for the visitors, but a Bee rally in the 9th fell short as the Beakless Chicken Gang held on for the win. Cespedes, Rizzo, and Segura all homered off of Sabathia.

Inmates 7 – Killer Bees 5: Espinosa again tatered, and another Bee rally in the 9th fell short as the 42 fans attending were treated to another Inmate victory.

Inmates 7 – Killer Bees 5 (17 fucking innings): This time Espinosa made two errors, and the now-expected Bee three-run rally in the 9th pushed the game into extra innings. The lack of subsequent action on the field seemed interminable until Cespedes put everyone out of their misery with a two-run homer in the 17th that sent everyone back to their hotels.

Inmates 6 – Killer Bees 5: The damned Bees seem incapable of scoring much until the 9th, which happened again to give the Stinging Stalwarts a 5-4 lead heading into the Inmate 9th. A Sanchez pinch homer with two outs tied the game. Altuve followed with a walk. Segura was hit by pitch, and Valbuena hit a ballpark single to load the bases. Hendricks came on to pitch to Rizzo and promptly hit him with a pitch to end the game.

Killer Bees 8 – Inmates 7 (10 innings): The only game the Bees can’t score in the 9th is the only game they win. Go figure. The winning run was scored when Gordon, pinch-running for Freeman, stole third and then scored when Castro’s throw sailed into left field. Sigh…

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