Saturday, November 26, 2016

The World Champs Get Better

The fourth overall pick didn't stay in Russellville long. The Tweeners, who picked up the pick from the FFTs just minutes earlier for Nelson Cruz, moved it on to other parts of Kentucky. The Sidewinders acquired the pick in exchange for their 2018 1st round pick, their 2018 2nd round pick, and both of their 2017 reserve picks.

Big Innings caught up with pick 1-4 at the airport...

B.I.: So what's it feel like to get traded twice in less than an hour?

1-4: I tell ya, BI, it's a bit humbling. On the one hand, it's great to be wanted, but that means at least 2 teams just didn't want me.

B.I.: So how do you live with that?

1-4: Are you kidding? I'm going to the best team in NASOMA! Why the hell wouldn't I be overjoyed?

B.I.: Any ideas who the Snakeman might use you to get in the Draft?

1-4: He told me when he called that he'd just hafta wait and see who Big Innings told him to take. Something about how that strategy worked just fine last year.

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