Monday, November 28, 2016

Zach Britton Traded to the Wahoos

After the flurry of trades this weekend (no doubt done to see if I'd keep writing reports for each one), the Wahoos and Mavs saved the biggest deal for Cyber Monday.

The Mavs dealt Zach Britton to the Wahoos for the 2018 1st, 4th, and reserve picks of the Wahoos. The Hoos will  also get a 2018 9th back in the deal.

Britton, who will turn 29 next month, easily had the best year of any reliever in 2016. Adding his card to the already stout Wahoo pen (Melancon, Betances, Osuna, Watson, TWoods, Familia) creates a bullpen better than the Snakes'. Not to mention the elite rotation of Arrieta, Verlander, Estrada, and the Weekend at Bernies guy.

The Wahoos are set up for another trip to the post season.

The Mavs have their eye on 2018.

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