Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Galvis for Souza in Blockbuster Deal!

The Buckeyes put a number of quality specimens on the trading table today, and the best of the bunch, Steven Souza, was gobbled up right away. The FFTs were the interested party and had to summon the nerve to part with Freddy Galvis to acquire Souza.

Steven Souza, who will be heading into his 28-year old season in 2017, is a right-handed hitting right fielder who hit .247 with 17 homers last year. Steven is a solid citizen who rarely gets caught using drugs. The FFTs have been searching for a good LFer to complement his already full roster. Unfortunately, Souza is neither good nor a left fielder.

Freddy Galvis, 7 months younger than Souza, is a full-time shortstop who epitomizes mediocrity. His slash line of 241/274/399 means he hits quite well for a pitcher. The Venezualan did have 20 homers, and has a history of getting good defensive ratings. If the Buckeyes are indeed ready to return to relevancy in NASOMA, they're going to need a quality shortstop. Galvis will have to fill the spot until they find one.

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