Saturday, November 26, 2016

FFTs acquire Nellie Cruz from Tweeners

Nelson Cruz will take his 43 homers and 105 RBI to the FFTs next year. The cost was steep: the fourth overall pick and a reserve now belong to the Tweeners.

Cruz's presence on the FFT roster probably mean Ichiro slides over to LF and Josh Reddick most likely becomes depth. It definitely means the FFTs are going to score some runs. Now, whether they can keep the other team from scoring will be the key.

FFT offense:
Yadier, c
Miggy, 1b
Cano, 2b
Beltre, 3b
Tulo, ss
DH & depth, Hanley/Yunel/Holt/Forsythe

FFT pitching:
Lackey, Smarja, Hill, DDuffy, Pomeranz, Gio, Leake...

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