Sunday, November 27, 2016

Young for Ruiz

The Buckeyes traded catcher Carlos Ruiz to the SuperGoofs for platoon outfielder Chris Young.

Young's 2016 was marred by injury, but his numbers vs LHP will make him a valuable asset to the Buckeyes as they rise from the ashes. Young is still bitter about being left off the Warpig playoff roster, a move that was even more troubling when the Pigs faced lefties in 8 of their last 10 games. "If I had been active, the we would have won every game. I'm that good," tweeted Young.

Ruiz, who will turn 38 in January, hit .264 in 201 AB last year and is just happy to have a job. Said Ruiz, "At my age, I really should just be doing TV ads for erectile dysfunction. But I guess playing for the Goofs is about the same thing. I'm glad to join up again with my old buddy Joaquin Benoit. It's nice to have an older guy to look up to."

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