Friday, April 08, 2016

Updated Mock Draft (A New Story)

With two more weeks to go before we draft, it appears a couple of teams will benefit greatly from our late draft. If a rebuilding team had used an early pick on Schwarber, they would have had their turn-around set back by a year or more. And Trevor Story, who at best might have been a very late-round pick 3 weeks ago, will go early.

By the way, Trevor Story went to Irving High School just a couple of miles from here. Two of the young math teachers at my school are friends with him and his older brother. They both text with him regularly. One of the teachers was in the wedding party of Story's older brother. And they both say that the older brother was the baseball stud - Trevor was always just "kinda okay."

After only a week of games, my draft list is completely shot. Two more weeks, and I may just phone it in.

Here's the "2 Weeks Away" version of the Mock Draft:

1. Buckeyes - Trevor Story (uncarded). I know we are all wary of falling for a guy who just happens to get off to a good start (remember Tuffy Rhodes?), but as I write this, Story has hit 6 homers in 4 games - and only ONE of the games was in Coors. He's also playing a pretty good shortstop.

2. Drillers - Odubel Herrera. Centerfield covered. What about Conforto or Schwarber? "I don't need a left fielder."

3. Warpigs - Stephen Piscotty. He makes a great LF platoon partner for Ender Inciarte this year, and a full time RF next year.

4. Wahoos - Kyle Schwarber. Yes, he's out for the year, but the Wahoos are set up to win right now. And Schwarber's card is just what the doctor ordered.

5. DVs - Steven Matz. Okay, he hasn't actually pitched yet, and I've bumped him up the board. What the hell do I know? But with so few innings on this card, his first two starts will determine how quickly he's gobbled up, and I predict his first 2 starts will be just fine.

6. Mavs - Matt Duffy. It doesn't matter if the Mavs pick 3rd or 6th, Duffy is a good fit.

7. Nads - Michael Conforto. Sometimes the next big slugger just falls right into your lap.

8. Fungoes - Roberto Osuna. This guy is young and good. Very young. Very good.

9. Drillers - Logan Forsythe. Second base covered. 

10. Tweeners - Carson Smith. Another good, young reliever.

11. Goofs - Lance McCullers. The shoulder issues have slowed his start, and that causes him to slip a few spots. Advantage: Goofs.

12. Zaps - Devon Travis. He's out hurt right now, but he'll be back soon.

13. SSWs - Hunter Strickland. It seems like every mock draft I do, Strickland and Garcia seem to end up as Sidewinders.

14. SSWs - Jaime Garcia. Garia's a lefty; that and his lack of BP homers works well in the SnakePit.

15. SSWs - Franklin Gutierrez. Yeah, it's too early, but the rest of us are just playing for second this year. But if Schwarber's injury causes him to slide, this is where he ends up. Guaranteed.

16. Tweeners - Will Harris. Relievers in the first round aren't sexy, but the Tweeners need pen.

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