Saturday, April 09, 2016

Extra Reserve Contest

All Extra Reserve Contest selections have been turned in and are now final. The spreadsheet link is on the main page. If you can't access it, follow the link that emails me your request. I put in your usual email, but if you use an alternate one, I will have to add it.

15 of the 16 teams are entered. For the 83rd consecutive year, the Nads have taken advantage of our collective naivete by slyly not entering the contest. We fall for his clever strategy every year.

No two teams made the same picks, although a couple were close.

14 of 15 selected the Blue Jays in the AL East. Only the Inmates differed, going with the Red Sox. Likewise, 14 of 15 picked the A's to lose the most games in the AL West. The Goofs went with the Astros to be the big losers.

Only the Mariners and the Angels were not picked at all. And 8 teams were selected on both sides - as either the biggest winner or the biggest loser in their division, and 4 of those 8 are in the AL Central.

10 teams picked the Astros to win the AL West, but the Goofs picked them to finish last. Over in the NL East, 10 teams picked the Phillies to be the big losers. The Goofs picked the Phillies to win the NL East.

The Goofs have been mathematically eliminated.

I won't update every day, but I'll update it fairly often.

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