Saturday, April 02, 2016

Pre-Draft Rosters - By the Numbers

Of the 988 cards in the set this year, we are protecting 347 going into the draft.

There are 500 batter cards. 205 are on our protected lists; 295 are available to be drafted.

There are 488 pitcher cards. 142 are on our lists; 346 are available.

In addition, there are 9 uncarded players protected (6 are in the AWD).

The Rhinos protected the most players, with 28.

The Buckeyes protected the fewest with 17.

The Rhinos kept the most batters (19); the Zaps and Buckeyes kept the fewest (9).

The Warpigs kept the most pitchers (12); the Tweeners kept the fewest (6).

The Zaps were the only team to protect more pitchers than hitters.

The Buckeyes have the most draft picks (18); the Warpigs have the fewest (6).

Although a few will be passes, there are 189 scheduled draft picks (not counting the Lightning Round).

In the chart below, the (Max) column represents the maximum number of uncarded players each team is allowed to select in the Draft.

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