Sunday, April 03, 2016

Patching Things Up

SOM has yet another patch. This one doesn't apply to us, as it only fixes bugs in the Baseball Daily game. It will also fix the errors with the pitcher running ratings and with Quintana's POW, but the patch we downloaded a month ago already fixed that.

However... for NetPlay to work, both teams have to have the same version. The previous patch should have made your version 2016d. The new one, I believe, will make your version 2016e. So if one person downloads the newest patch, we'll all need to in order to use NetPlay (which usually doesn't work anyway).

That being said, I recommend downloading TeamViewer. It allows you to play the game with your opponent, and it's excellent. It includes an audio facet that allows you to talk to each other w/o using your phone. The host can allow visitors access so you can both control your own teams. Or the host can limit a visitor to view only, so they can watch a game without being a part of it.

It's simple to download and use. Go to It's free.

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