Saturday, April 30, 2016

Draft Data

We drafted 221 players at the 2016 NASOMA Draft. Of those, 189 were taken in the regular draft; 32 more were selected in the Lightning Round. We drafted 111 pitchers, 97 hitters, and 13 uncarded players.

And there was a "first" for the NASOMA Draft (as far as I can remember): There were ZERO passes - not even by the Mavs who ALWAYS pass their last 2 picks. It was close to not happening, though. The Bees were all set to pass on their last 2 picks before trading them away. And the Goofs had to be talked into using their last 2 picks. They, naturally, ended up keeping one of them.

The earliest a player was drafted and then cut was #146 (Phil Gosselin by the Warpigs). The latest a player was drafted and then kept was #205 (Carlos Ruiz by the Buckeyes).

Of the 32 players taken in the Lightning Round, 4 made it onto the final rosters (1 each by the DVs, FFTs, Buckeyes, and Tweeners).

And maybe because there were 3 weeks of games between roster cut-down and the draft, there were 23 protected players who were later cut post-draft. In fact, every team except the Zaps, Wahoos, Goofs, and Inmates cut at least 1 player who had been protected pre-draft. The Fungoes, FFTs, Tweeners, and Sidewinders each cut three players they had protected.

Here are the numbers...

Number of Protected Players Pre-Draft
Uncarded - 9
Hitters - 205
Pitchers - 142
Total - 356

Number of Protected Players Who Were Cut Post-Draft
Uncarded - 0
Hitters - 13
Pitchers - 10
Total - 23

Number of Players Drafted
Uncarded - 13
Hitters - 97
Pitchers - 111
Total - 221

Number of Drafted Players Who Were Cut Post-Draft
Uncarded - 0
Hitters - 21
Pitchers - 20
Total - 41

Final Rosters
Uncarded - 22 (All 22 on Reserve)
Hitters - 268 (2 on Reserve)
Pitchers - 223 (9 on Reserve)
Total - 513 (33 on reserve)

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