Thursday, June 29, 2017

Buckeyes 4, Wahoos 1

Buckeyes make the treck over to Hooville and roll 5 versus Wahoos. Result is Buckeyes 4 Wahoos 1.

April 26 - Buckeyes 7 Wahoos 0 - Ervin Santana with mop up relief help from Phelps and Bauer toss a 2 hitter at the Wahoos. 5 run Buckeye 5th breaks the game open (4 singles, a double, a walk, and a HPB). No homers which is a surprise with these 2 teams.
April 27th - Wahoos 10 Buckeyes 6 (11 innings) - Buckeyes overcome a 5-2 deficit to actually take a 6-5 lead into the ninth. Phelps however gives up a 9th inning HR to Davis to send the game to extras. Buckeyes use every position player and on the last reliever going into extra innings. Wahoos basically walk there way around the bases against Bauer for 4 runs in the 12 th to win it.
June 9 - Buckeyes 21 Wahoos 7- Don't think even in the steroid era we can say this. The Buckeyes hit 11 homers. Here they are: Cabrera 2, Turner 1, Gattis 2, Pearce 1, Trumbo 1, Granderson 1, Ramirez 2, and Keimeier 1. Yes, every starter hit at least 1 homer. Asher makes his 3rd start of the year and goes 5 for the win. Bauer gets lit up again in mop up duty but not as bad as Travis Wood.
June 10 - Buckeyes 9 Wahoos 8 - Buckeyes only hit 4 homers this game. Granderson's 3 run HR in 9th gave us what we thought was a comfortable 9-6 lead. Wahoos make it interesting by scoring 2 in the bottom of the 9th but Bowman finally gets them out.
July 9 - Buckeyes 7 Wahoos 1 - Maeda and Bauer combine on a 5 hitter. 4 run 5th capped off with a Keirmeier homer breaks the game open.


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