Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Warpigs 3, Buckeyes 2

Cards and dice.

April 24 @ Buckeye Park - Warpigs win 4-1. The Warpigs got to J.A. Happ for 4 early runs, knocking him out of the game after only 3.1 innings. That was enough to make a winner of Garrett Richards, making his first appearance of the season. He went 6 innings, allowing only 2 hits although he did walk 5. Alex Wilson went the last 3 innings to earn his first save of the year. The two teams combined to hit into 6 double plays.

April 25 @ Buckeye Park - Buckeyes win 12-6. The Pigs scored 5 runs in the top of the 1st inning, capped off by homers from Chris Carter and Mitch Moreland. But the Buckeyes pounded Adam Wainwright for SIX homers over the next 6 innings, rolling to an easy win. Waino compounded his woes by walking 5. He was asked to stay in and take one for the team with the promise that he'd get to bat later on in the series.

June 6 @ The BallPork - Buckeyes win 8-1. The Pigs knocked out Happ in the 2nd inning this time, but the second weird x-chart result* in the first two innings kept them from scoring more than 1. Then the Buckeyes put together a couple of big innings to put the game away.

June 7 @ The BallPork - Warpigs win 5-4 in 11 innings. It was looking like the Buckeye bulldozer was on cruise control. After two straight blowout wins, the Buckeyes took a shutout into the 7th inning of game 4. But the Pigs had 3 straight 2-out singles in the 7th to score their first run. Then Jake Lamb led off the 8th with a homer, cutting the score to 3-2. Francisco Cervelli singled and J.T. Realmuto doubled to put the tying run at third and the go ahead run in scoring position. Up stepped pinch-hitter Adam Wainwright. With the corners in to defend the squeeze, Waino took a full cut, singling to tie the game. Now the Buckeye infield came in all the way, and Mallex Smith slapped a +hit past them for the lead. In the top of the 9th, the leadoff hitter reached on a single and error and scored on a double to tie the game. With one out in the bottom of the 11th, Matt Duffy singled and scampered to 3rd on a hit and run single by Hunter Pence. Mitch Moreland sent the Pig faithful home happy by singling in Duffy to end the game.

June 8 @ The BallPork - Warpigs win 6-2. Adam Wainwright, whose embarrassment from his last start had been quelled some by his big pinch hit in yesterday's game, pitched well for 7 innings, shutting down the powerful Buckeye bats. Logan Forsythe and Starlin Castro both hit 2-run homers off of Junior Guerra. Alex Wilson got the same, his 2nd.

* - Catcher-x chance with nobody on. a P/F with rare play results in catcher's interfence. Meaning a catcher can make an error even if he's an e0. (I'm not saying my guy was an e0, but it could happen.)
* - Shortstop-x with runners on the corners and 1 out and the infield in. The ss is a 3, and the roll is 9 -which just misses the #single**. Instead it's a G3... which results in the runner at third getting caught in a rundown.

Those two plays happened in back-to-back innings. Throw in a few plus-hits, a couple of clutch hits, pitchers pinch-hitting (and even getting 2 at bats in one game), a H&R single, an error by a 1b-1e3, and an error by a cf-1e5, and you have a very full 5 game series.


Fungoes said...

What? No Triple Plays! Fungoes have already hit into one (vs Pigs).....

The Chief said...

J.A. Happ with the super short leash of allowing only 1 run yet not lasting more than 2 innings in a start. Ouch.