Sunday, March 05, 2017

Deadline for Games Played

By the end of March, you must have played and reported at least 20 games. The deadline is Sunday, April 2nd.

When you play games, click on the "Input Wins and Losses" link on the webpage and put in both your wins and losses for the games you played. Also, send me an email letting me know to update your record. If the games were played on the computer, just include me in the CC when you send the game files to your opponent. If possible, include game stories to be posted here in Big Innings.

Here is the list of "Games Played" deadlines for the 2017 season. Each month's games are due by the first Sunday after the month ends...

March games (April 2) - 20
April games (May 7) - 40
May games (June 4) - 65
June games (July 2) - 90
July games (August 6) - 115
August games (September 3) - 140
September games (October 1) - 162

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