Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rule Updates

We voted on several rule change proposals at the Draft. All but one were defeated.

To recap...

1. Defensive Shift Rule (SOM) - The defense may call for a defensive shift any time that the bases are empty and the batter is rated N-power. When the shift is on, the result of the AB is based on the offense's decision to "Swing Away" or "Beat the Shift." Then a 20-sided die is rolled and a chart is referred to. Complete instructions can be found here or in the package with your cards.
FAILED. SOM's new defensive shift rule was defeated 16-0. Enjoy the moment; the last time this league unanimously agreed on anything was Esque winning Queen of the Draft in 1989.

2. Allowable AB/IP for the Playoffs (Warpigs) - The proposal (detailed here) would limit all players to 10% of the AB/IP on their card per playoff series. We currently use 33% for the entire playoffs.
PASSED. Each of the 25 players on a team's playoff roster will be allowed 10% of his AB/IP for each series. This takes affect immediately, beginning with the 2017 playoffs.

3. Starting Pitchers Used in Relief in the Playoffs (Inmates) - A SP used in relief in the playoffs would become tired after recording 3 outs (detailed in the comment section here). Currently, the one SP you designate to relieve can throw 3 innings before becoming tired.
FAILED. Turns out the rule already puts the "SP in relief" guy's POW at 1. 

4. No SP Can Relieve in the Playoffs (Sidewinders) - Only pitchers with RP on their cards can relieve in the playoffs (detailed in the comment section here). Currently, a team can designate one SP-only pitcher to be a reliever.
FAILED. The rule will remain as written. One SP-only may be used in relief in the playoffs.

5. Once Carded, Always Carded (Warpigs) - An uncarded player who has had a card in the past can be retained on a team's 30-man roster (even though he could not appear in a game) without the use of a Reserve Pick. (detailed here)
FAILED. Whatever, fuckers.

6. Eliminate Limited-AB/IP Cards (Drillers) - The proposal (detailed in the comment section here) states that all batters with fewer than 100 at bats and all pitchers with fewer than 50 innings be considered uncarded.
FAILED. No minimums. You either have a card or you don't.

7. Increase Roster Size (Fungoes/FFTs) - Change rosters to 31+2 (or larger) to compensate for the need for relief innings.
FAILED. Rosters stay at 30. Got a problem with relief innings? Stop drafting guys with 30 innings.

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