Sunday, March 05, 2017

2017 Draft Numbers

There were 228 (legitimate) draft picks made in the 2017 NASOMA Draft. There was one pass.

Here's the breakdown...

There were 210 carded players drafted. 115 were pitchers; 95 were hitters.

There were 18 uncarded players drafted. 3 were pitchers; 15 were hitters. Only 17 of those were kept. The Bees drafted and cut Sean Newcomb.

There were 48 Lightning Round picks. The Wahoos picked a previously drafted player with their first pick, knocking them out. The Drillers and FFTs did the same thing on their 5th and final pick (although the FFTs' twice-picked guy wasn't discovered until later).

Of those 48 LR picks, 7 were kept on rosters - one each by the Tweeners, Rhinos, Skyscrapers, Warpigs, Buckeyes, Fungoes, and Killer Bees.

The latest a player was picked and then kept was LR pick Fernando Rodney by the Bees at pick 203. There were three players chosen in the 60's who were later cut: Teoscar Hernandez by the FFTs at pick 68, Ryon Healy by the Mavs at pick 62, and the earliest a player was drafted and cut: Jerry Blevins by the Fungoes at pick 61.

Of the 33 reserved players, 29 are uncarded and 4 are carded (Shelby Miller, Kyle Schwarber, Matt Harvey, and Lucas Duda).

There were 18 players (9 hitters, 9 pitchers) protected pre-Draft but then cut post-Draft. The Warpigs and Skyscrapers each cut 3.


Fungoes said...

May have been my worst draft ever!

Fungoes said...

At least, it may have been the worst job I've ever done drafting!