Saturday, September 10, 2016

Wahoos 9, DVs 5

Some numbers from the Wahoos 9-5 victory over the DiamondVision recently.

*In the 14 games the Wahoos never scored less than 4 runs and the DVs scored at least 10 runs on three occasions.

*Wahoos scored 104 runs in the 14 games (7.43 per game) and the DVs scored 83 (5.93).

*There were 68 homers in the series - 37 by the Wahoos and 31 by the DVs. Despite the friendly BP numbers at the Reservation more homers were hit at Viagra Park (35 compared to 33).

*Of the 68 homers in the series, 8 were hit by DVs slugger Albert Pujols. He finished with 19 RBI but hit only .268 in the series.

*The DVs committed a mere 3 errors in the series that led to 3 unearned runs. The Wahoos committed a whopping 10 errors (4 from Justin Verlander) and also allowed 3 unearned runs.

*Joe Ross pitched in 8 games and threw 5.1 innings and is the only pitcher in the entire series to allow fewer than 2 runs (he allowed zero).

*Jake Arrieta allowed 5 homers.

*Bartolo Colon took one for the team over and over. He allowed 17 runs in 17.1 innings (11 games).

*Stephen Strasburg allowed 40 hits, 26 runs and 10 homers in 19.2 innings.

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