Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rhinos 4, Sidewinders 1

Snake playoff hopes take a hit. Rhinos take 4 of 5 at the Church Lot

4/27 Rhinos win 4-2. Cole goes the distance and Lester takes the loss.Votto homers

4/28  Rhinos win3-2. Syndergaard with the CG. Volquez the loser.

7/19 Rhinos 7 SSWs 4. Cole is winner, Jansen gets a 2 inning save. The Rhinos score 5 in a 6th rally keyed by a Longoria error.

7/20  SSWs win 8-2. Sale strikes out 15 in CG. Grandal with HR. Ortiz tripled off Thor(fucking computer!)

7/21 Heaney shuts us out 2-0

We really need the Mavs to beat up on the tweeners!

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