Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wahoos 4, Warpigs 0

Wahoos sweep 4 at Warpigs.

Game 1 - Wahoos win 6-0. Jerad Eickhoff allowed a 1st inning single, and that was the only hit the Pigs would get.

Game 2 - Wahoos win 6-1. When you go from being 1-hit to facing Jake Arrieta in a pitcher's park, nothing good can happen. Especially when you surrender a BP (1-2) grand slam. Everything is going the Wahoos' way.

Game 3 - Wahoos win 4-3 in 19 fucking innings. There's gonna be some ugly batting stats from this series. Despite the loss, the Warpig hurlers struck out 22 while walking only 2.

Game 4 - Wahoos win 2-0. Still no action in the Pig dice. But hey, we turned 5 double plays. So there's that.

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