Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fungoes vs Mavs

Fungoes 3, Mavs 2

From the Fugnose...

Fungoes and Mavs got five in today with the Fungi winning 3 of 5. Here are the high (low?) lights:

Game 1:

Fungoes break open a close game in the 7th with a seven spot! Gallardo takes the loss while Price picks up the win. Three inning save for Feldman.

Game 2:

Mavs get to Wakefield for 6 in the first. Hard to believe but Wakefield goes the distance losing 13-1. Hochevar picks up the win. Chris Davis enjoyed a big evening at the plate. He slapped a base-hit in the
1st inning and emptied the bases with a Grand Slam homerun in the 8th inning.
TAD finished with 16 hits while DEREK ended up with 4.

Game 3:

Fungoes win game three 8-2. Bergeson picks up the Win for the Fungi and Okajima earns the three-inning save. The loss goes to Marquis. Fungoes simply wore out the Mav pitching staff, scoring in 6 different innings.

Game 4:

Yovani Gallardo and Tim Wakefield locked horns in a pitcher's duel
with Gallardo and the MAVS coming out on top of the FUNGOES 2 to

Mav's came up with 2 runs in the 4th inning when they had 3 base hits. They
would hold up as the winning runs. After the 4th inning, neither team was
able to score.

Jose Valverde earned the save.

Game 5:

Designated hitter Ryan Zimmerman homered and had 4 RBI at What the Fuck Field where
the WTF FUNGOES beat the MAVS by the score of 8 to 6.

Zimmerman made sure the WTF fans enjoyed themselves. He doubled scoring two
baserunners in the 3rd inning and smashed a two-run homer in the 7th inning.
Fungoes banged out 9 hits on the night.

David Price allowed 5 runs in 7 innings, and picked up the victory.
Jonathan Papelbon earned the save. Robinson Tejeda was the loser
in relief.

Fungoes record now stands at 83-60.

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