Sunday, October 03, 2010

Extra Reserve - down to the wire

With one day left in the regular season, the Snakes have a 1-win lead over the Pigs and Rhinos. There are many possible outcomes, including even a 3-way tie, but the most likely outcome is the Snakes hanging on. There is even a 50-50 chance there will be a game played Monday, which would also benefit the Sidewinders. The only good news for the Pigs and Rhinos is that the Snakes cannot win a tiebreaker.

Here are the games to watch:

Phillies at Braves - If the Braves win, the Pigs are eliminated.

Yankees at Red Sox & Rays at Royals - Rhinos have the Rays; Snakes and Pigs have the Yankees.

Padres at Giants - Padres have put up a valiant effort to hang on; can they do it for one more day? The Snakes hope not.

Rockies (suck) at Cardinals - You watch, the Braves will win early and knock the Pigs out of this race, and then the Rockies will finally win another game just to tease the Piggies.


Pigman said...

this conversation just took place...

pigman: so if the braves beat the phillies, i'm out and you practically are.

colonel rhino: the braves won't win.

pigman: don't jinx us!

colonel rhino: they're down 2-0 already and they were lucky to get this far.

10 minutes later, the braves led 7-2.

Pigman said...

further last day shenanigans... the cardinals had 2 on, 2 out in a 0-0 game against the rockies. pujols up, so i turned the game on on my laptop. i want albert to get a hit, but i want the rockies to win to help my chances for this reserve pick. naturally, albert reaches on an error and 2 runs score. bad and bad.